Monday, 4 November 2013

Queen Bey takes over Australia


It's no surprise that when singing icon and fashion diva Beyonce came to Australia she made our hearts melt. Her fierce sense of style has made her a force to be reckoned with in the fashion sphere and her Australian 2013 tour clothing only adds to this.

Queen Bey's first stop was Brunswick, Melbourne where she appeared in a simple swim suit and coat whilst striking a fearless pose. Only Beyonce could pull off such a simple look and have the world frantically obsessing over latest fashion statement. Soon everyone in Melbourne travelled to Brunswick and began to mimic her pose. Proving once again that Beyonce is a fashion icon for all.

It was no surprise then, when Cosmopolitan Australia chose to place Beyonce on the cover of the November issue. Absolutely stunning  and quite literally glowing in gold, Mrs Carter graced all Australian Cosmo readers with her effortlessly flawless lioness self.

It's not only the clothes that she wears that has us in awe, it's her self confidence that is something which places her as a role model in the fashion world.

As Queen Bey said her self, "Who runs this world? Girls!" So ladies, take note and be as confident in your fashion choices as the diva herself.

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