Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Purr for Furrrrrrrrr

Check out the gorgeous girls from Launch in Arielle furs... Interested? Head down to Tuchuzy in Bondi in the next fews days to get your paws on one.

Leather Lust

Fighting over Asos leather pants this morning. Literally. Amy Wins! (will post a pic of her rocking them soon)

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Behind the Scenes: Mad Love

Hairy days


5 inch and up babe Sandra in Stylestalker Vemon Shirt

Madly in love...

Leather and Lace baby

Finders Keepers Wanderer Skirt

Cameo Oh Dark Dress

Stylerstalker Addict Skater Dress

Cameo Lead Your Soul Top

Stylestalker Damned Collar Shirt

Hello shoebay

We are have discovered the hidden beauties on shoebay. Ah, cheap and cheerful thrills.
Cameo checked pants in Grazia


 Celebs rocking out in Stylestalker 

Cameo climbing the ranks

slither slither

Hey sexy.

Stylestalker snakebite tights.

Coming soon.

Check out new label Mad Love