Thursday, 1 November 2012

Res Denim Trends

Stripes, Leather and Leopard

Some trends come and go, while some trends enter a fashion hall of fame and the trend becomes a classic. Leopard, stripes and leather are among the ones that have made it to said status. While I am not sure when stripes joined the team, I can totally picture Wilma and Betty from Flinstone age rocking leather and leopard print. (Can't you??)

Anywho, whether it's Cavalli or Dolce and Gabbana you can always trust to see leather, stripes and leopard walking down the runway, in any given season. One of the lines we carry here at Launch Fashion Management is Res Denim and what Res has thankfully made this season are afforadable denim in all three prints (among many more)! They just have a little modern, skinny jean twist to help them adapt to todays watch out for them in stores right now! 

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