Thursday, 15 November 2012


 . B R O O K E .

The interns at Launch Fashion Management are crucial to our team! Brooke is one of our all time favourites, she is great at graphics and has an amazing sense of style.

What are you studying?
I am currently in my final year studying graphic design at raffles college, 2 more terms to go!

What are you interning as?
At Launch I am interning as graphics where I get to design lookbooks and invites and help with anything else the girls need.

What attracts you to the fashion world?
I love everything about it, but in particular, the ability that fashion enables you to express yourself to be as creative as possible. Im not sure what it is yet that attracts me so much but I just LOVE it- there is no other word to explain the feeling…and Launch has opened up a whole new world to me. 

Who is your favourite designer?
Kookai, Finders Keepers, Cameo and Bojena King

Favourite Accessories?
Anything Rose Gold! But currently loving my new kookai rose gold and white bracelet.

Last movie you saw at the theatre?
Taken 2

8otherreasons Jewellery 

Arielle Fur 

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