Thursday, 1 March 2012

GIVEAWAY... get your cape on!

Isn't it funny how the cape has transcended its cliché bad ass appeal from the original series of Batman and Robin into the outerwear of celebrities and draped on mannequins in the shop windows of Rodeo Drive. From thousands of years of traditional poncho wearing Peruvians to the sisterhood of the catholic nunnery, the cape has been re-worked, re-designed and re-created to evolve into the magnificent array of patterns and colours on our international catwalks.




Kim Kardashian in CAMEO

 As seen on Kim Kardashian, now is your chance to win a Cameo twisted fiction cape in nude/ black. A funky compliment to black skinny leg jeans and perfect for your Autumn wardrobe.
Send us a picture of your favourite Autumn outfit, either one you own personally, or a celebrity pic and tell us what you love about it in 25 words or less. Please send all details to

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